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Pricing and Customized Services

Enter your package details and get the best rates for your furniture online shopping needs.

This price includes shipping, customs, taxes, government fees, and delivery to your doorstep

We provide SPECIAL and CUSTOMIZED services to match our clients every needs.  Below is list of our most commonly used services:

Dedicated Containers


Book your own dedicated container to ship your furniture to anywhere in the world.  We will store, consolidate, and load your furniture into your dedicated container and ship to your location anywhere in the world

Storage and Consolidation



We will store your furniture in Jordan or the United States until you need it delivered or shipped

Express Processing


With express processing, we will fast track the processing of your item(s) and send them to you via air freight.  We will handle all customs, taxes, and government fees  on your behalf and deliver your furniture to your doorstep

Shop for me


Many top brands do not sell directly.  Find something you like from a brand you love but cannot find it on any online retailers, we will find it and buy it for you


  • It is important to note that we only provide itemized shopping services for Jordan at this point

  • Our team will take care of custom clearance, government fees, and taxes on your behalf.  Just relax and let us do the heavy lifting

  • All items are automatically insured against any damage and theft that might occur during shipping

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