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buy your furniture from any online store in USA, and get it delivered to your doorstep securely, cost effectively and 100% hassle free

Re-inventing Furniture Shopping

When you are Furniture shopping, nothing beats laying on tons of couches, trying out the different beds, or curling up in a bunch of different chairs to help you find exactly the right one for you.

What online shopping lacks in physical experience, it more than makes up for it in selection and value


When shopping for your furniture online, you will be able to access any store and style you can imagine from the comfort of your own home


You may not be able to test a couch yourself, but we will give you the next best thing.  We will share photos of your funiture and schedule a live video chat to show you the furniture before we ship it

Get comfy, relax, sleep easy. We will handle all the logistics and deliver your furniture right to your doorstep

kbeeer Promise

The kbeeer Promise


Safe Shopping

No credit card fraud.  We take all  payment and fraud risks so you don't 


Cost Effective

We will provide with the most cost effective way to get your furniture from the U.S.


No Surprises

The price we quote you is the price you pay.  No hidden fees, no surcharges, no hassle


We are always there

Our team will promptly respond to your questions and actively solve any problems you might have with your order

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